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All you need to know about joining Panzacs.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014 00:00

Recruitment Information

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Selective Recruitment is open and the following conditions apply: 

  • Last 60 days WN8 of 1200+
  • At least 2 x Tier X tanks (negotiable dependant on stats) but preferably more, due to the introduction of tank locking you will run out of tanks pretty quickly.  
    • The most sought after tanks are as follows:
      • Arty: Conqueror GC (very useful), Obj261, T92 or G.W. E100.   Each have their own strengths for different maps.
      • Mediums: Batchat25t (Scouting), T62A, OBJ140, OBJ430, STB-1, or 121.
      • TD's: All are useful in CW depending on the scenario.
      • Heavies: T57 Heavy, IS7, E100 or AMX-50B.
  • Contact a recruiter by accessing the WoT ingame channel "PANZACS Recruitment Channel" or more information can be gained, including applying to join the clan using the application form (under construction). 
Here are the Teamspeak TS Details. Server: or Port: 9987 (Optional, not required.)

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